We are proud to announce the arrival of VOX Amplifiers, a truly classic line with some of the best amps on the market, including the phenomenal AC series of all-tube amps, and the innovative Valvetronix series that blend tube and solid state electronics.

Kickaxe Guitars is also proud to carry a legendary Canadian name – Traynor amplifiers. From Canadian-made all-tube AB-Class and A-Class amps, to high quality solid-state session amps, bass amps and acoustic amps, Traynor’s unsurpassed quality is backed by an unlimited 2-year warranty.

And of course, Kickaxe Guitars is now home to Line 6! Featuring the popular Spider IV series of digital amplifiers, the trend-setting Spider Jam 75, and the Reinhold Bogner-designed DT series of tube amps. Plus the amazing new Tyler-designed Variax.