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Electric Guitars

You'll find a wide spectrum of high quality electric guitars at Kickaxe Guitars - instruments by Aria, Dean, and Hagstrom. Plus - new to Kickaxe Guitars - the amazing James Tyler Variax by Line 6, and the unsurpassed Canadian-made Godin line of guitars and basses.

Kickaxe Guitars is proud to bring the incredible Teye and Rick Turner line of handcrafted custom instruments to the Calgary market, as well as the super cool USA-based Reverend Guitars and continue to be the exclusive Canadian dealer for custom shop instruments by Ryan Gadow of North Carolina.

And of course, all of our guitars include a free setup to ensure that each instrument meets the demands of the individual player. (*within 30 days of purchase, strings extra)

Our Brands

Godin Guitars Dean Guitars Teye Guitars Hagstrom Guitars Aria Guitars
Gadow Guitars Reverend Guitars James Tyer Variax Turner Guitars