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Kickaxe Guitars is now home to the incomparable Teye Guitars! Based in Austin, Texas, Teye creates some of the most visually stunning instruments available today.

These meticulously hand-crafted electric guitars and basses feature Teye's signature inlays, engraved metal front and back plates and hardware, the finest selection of neck and body woods hand-finished in a centuries-old classic tradition, plus Teye's proprietary Mood circuitry and inter-active tone and volume controls. The result? Arguably the most incredibly versatile tonal range and sustain imaginable in an electric instrument!

Kickaxe Guitars is proud to represent the Rick Turner line of handcrafted instruments. Located in Santa Cruz, California, the Rick Turner Guitar Company produces some of the finest and most innovative instruments available anywhere in the world today.

Recognized as one the world's top luthiers, Turner co-founded Alembic Guitars; was president of Gibson Labs West Coast R&D Division (where he worked with the legendary Les Paul); and partnered with Seymour Duncan to produce the D-TAR acoustic amplification system. Not surprisingly, Turner Guitars are a perfect marriage of new-age technology and classic old-world craftsmanship!

Kickaxe Guitars is the exclusive Canadian dealer for Gadow Custom Guitars. Located in North Carolina, Gadow produces a superb line of hand-crafted electric guitars and basses.

From the classic Nashville and Monterey to the innovative Custom Hollow and Setneck series, these signed, numbered instruments are built with precision and loving care from the finest materials. Gadow's designs provide simple, stylish looks, while delivering pure, clean tone and playability. Yet they are surprisingly affordable.

Come in and fall in love with one of these custom instruments today. Choose one of our in-stock models, or have one custom-built to your specifications.

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